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90 ft Blue water yacht for sale

This beautiful 90 ft blue water yacht for sale is built in aluminium. Ideal for long haul and transatlantic crossing. A sail boat capable of attaining very fast speeds.

Blue water Yacht for sale

90 foot Blue water Yacht for sale in Spain

So today i’m in Torrevieja. Most of the  information I am going to give you is  actually written on the video but the reason I am  speaking is that helps me generate some subtitles  which i can then translate into all the different  languages. I am showing you this superb aluminium  french design, french-built yacht which is like  a new boat. It has been completely refitted  starting in 2020. they are  just finishing with the last electrical work but it’s almost finished.  The boat as you can see has a generator  two water makers. It has a brand new 270  horsepower volvo engine. It sleeps eight people  comfortably with four heads and it  sleeps two crew. They have their own  bathroom and their own room to relax in. It has  a new kitchen with new fridges. Everything’s  been done on the boat it’s absolutely  beautiful.If you want a boat for yourself  or if you would like to charter this boat.  I would think that it could charter very  well in some where like um Croatia. This is  because it’s got quite a quite a deep draft  and the good thing about Croatia  is it’s very easy to find a port,  or haven if you like when if the weather  blows up or if you have a problem.  We can if you’d like us to look into that. The  boat is on the market for 1 million 500 euros.  We would study any serious proposition, the  boat is currently moored in Torrevieja close  to Alicante airport. If you’d like to come  and visit us if you need any information  please phone us. We speak Russian,  Arabic, Italian, French, German, Dutch.  You can get in touch with myself my name is  Peter or Sara. Or if you’re a german speaker or  dutch speaker you can talk to christian so i look  forward to hearing from you thank you very much

blue water yacht for sale

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