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Boats for sale Akcakoca Marina: Akçakoca Marina is a beautiful and modern marina located in Düzce, Turkey. There are several reasons why someone may choose to buy or sell a boat in this marina. Firstly, the marina offers a safe and secure environment for boats with a breakwater, 24-hour security, and surveillance cameras. Secondly, the marina is equipped with a wide range of amenities, such as a fuel station, electricity and water supply, and a travel lift for boats up to 80 tons. Lastly, Akçakoca Marina is situated in a beautiful area of Turkey, with easy access to nearby beaches, restaurants, and local attractions. According to the marina’s website, the customer satisfaction rating is high, with many positive reviews from boat owners who have used the marina’s services. Additionally, the marina is within close proximity to several international airports, including Istanbul and Ankara, making it easily accessible for boat owners from around the world.

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Boats for sale Akcakoca Marina

Here are five interesting facts about Akçakoca Marina:

  1. Location: Akçakoca Marina is located in the province of Düzce on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. It’s situated in a natural harbor, surrounded by lush green forests and mountains, making it an idyllic setting for boaters.
  2. Number of berths: Akçakoca Marina has a total of 331 berths, with space for boats ranging in size from 8 meters to 35 meters in length.
  3. Maximum LOA: The maximum length overall (LOA) for boats in Akçakoca Marina is 35 meters.
  4. Amenities: The marina offers a range of amenities for boaters, including electricity and water hookups, shower and restroom facilities, laundry facilities, 24-hour security, and more.
  5. Climate: Akçakoca enjoys a moderate Black Sea climate, with mild temperatures in the winter and warm summers. The marina is sheltered from strong winds and currents, making it a safe and comfortable spot for boaters year-round.

Boats for sale Akcakoca Marina

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Akcakoca Marina

Akcakoca Marina: As European Yacht Brokers, we have chosen Akçakoca Marina in Turkey as the location for our offices due to its strategic location on the Black Sea coast, close to Istanbul and other major Turkish cities. The marina offers modern facilities with 350 berths and can accommodate boats up to 50 meters in length. The proximity to Istanbul, which is just a 2-hour drive away, makes it an ideal location for boat sales and brokerage, as well as for offering yacht management and maintenance services. The marina also benefits from its location in a popular tourist destination, with many opportunities for leisure activities, cultural events, and local cuisine. As for the types of boats we are likely to sell in this area, we would focus on mid-sized to large motor yachts and sailing boats, suitable for exploring the Turkish coastline and nearby islands.
Boats for sale Akçakoca Marina
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