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Boats for sale Marina di San Lorenzo: For those considering buying or selling a boat in Marina di San Lorenzo, there are several compelling reasons to do so.

Firstly, Marina di San Lorenzo is located in a beautiful and historic region of Italy, making it an ideal location for boaters who are looking for an immersive cultural experience. The marina is situated near the town of Gioiosa Ionica, which has a rich history dating back to ancient times. The area is also known for its stunning coastline, with crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches.

Secondly, the marina has a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, which is evidenced by its high ratings on various online review platforms. In particular, the marina has been praised for its modern facilities, excellent service, and friendly staff. According to data from Google Reviews, Marina di San Lorenzo has a 4.4-star rating, with many customers citing the marina’s cleanliness and well-maintained facilities as standout features.

Lastly, Marina di San Lorenzo is conveniently located near several international airports, making it easily accessible for boaters who are traveling from abroad. The marina is just a 40-minute drive from the Reggio Calabria airport, which offers direct flights to several major European cities, including London, Paris, and Frankfurt. This proximity to international transportation hubs makes it a convenient location for boat buyers and sellers who are looking to connect with buyers or sellers from other countries.

Overall, Marina di San Lorenzo is a fantastic location for those who are interested in buying or selling a boat. With its beautiful surroundings, excellent customer satisfaction ratings, and convenient location, it’s no wonder that the marina has become a popular destination for boaters from around the world.

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BOATS FOR SALE Marina di San Lorenzo

Marina di San Lorenzo

  1. Location: Marina di San Lorenzo is located in the southern region of Calabria, Italy, along the Ionian Sea. It is situated in the town of Gioiosa Ionica, in the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria.
  2. Number of Berths: The marina has a total of 600 berths, with 200 of them reserved for transiting boats.
  3. Maximum LOA: The maximum length overall (LOA) that the marina can accommodate is 60 meters, making it one of the largest marinas in southern Italy.
  4. Amenities: The marina has a range of amenities, including a shipyard, fuel station, water and electricity hookups, showers and bathrooms, a laundry service, and a restaurant. It also has a playground for children, a swimming pool, and a private beach.
  5. Climate: The climate in Marina di San Lorenzo is typically Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and mild winters. The sea temperature is warm during the summer months, making it an ideal location for swimming and water sports. The marina is open year-round, but the busiest season is from May to September.
Marina di San Lorenzo

BOATS FOR SALE Marina di San Lorenzo

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OUR YACHT BROKERAGE IN Marina di San Lorenzo

As European Yacht Brokers, we chose Marina di San Lorenzo for our offices for a number of reasons. Firstly, the marina is located in a highly desirable area for yacht sales, with easy access to both the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Seas. This strategic location allows us to offer a wide range of yacht sales services, from brokerage to maintenance and repair, to clients from all over Italy and beyond. Secondly, Marina di San Lorenzo has a strong reputation for its modern facilities and excellent service, which aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced brokers are knowledgeable about the local boating industry and have a deep understanding of the types of boats that are most popular in the area. This allows us to offer our clients expert guidance and advice as they navigate the yacht buying and selling process. Finally, we specialize in selling high-end luxury yachts, which are in high demand among the wealthy clientele that frequent the area. Our selection includes both motor and sailing yachts, ranging from 50 to 150 feet in length. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with personalized attention and exceptional service throughout the entire yacht buying and selling process, from initial consultation to final sale. In summary, our choice to establish our offices in Marina di San Lorenzo was driven by its strategic location, strong reputation, and the opportunity to serve a diverse clientele with a wide range of yacht sales services. We are proud to offer our clients the highest level of expertise and service, and look forward to continuing to grow our business in this vibrant and dynamic region of Italy.
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