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Saloon lagoon 42 for sale 2020
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Lagoon 42 For Sale 2020 | The Ultimate guide

"Lagoon 42: 2020 Catamaran for Sale in Excellent Condition"

Lagoon 42 2020 for Sale – Excellent Condition   Are you looking for sailing modern catamaran in a pristine condition? Look no further! The Lagoon 42 2020 is your perfect match. This immaculate vessel is available for sale and comes fully equipped with top-tier specifications to ensure a comfortable and pleasurable sailing experience.”

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Lagoon 42 For Sale 2020 | The Ultimate guide

Lagoon 42 2020 Catamaran for Sale – Impeccable Condition

The Lagoon 42 2020 is renowned for its blend of performance and luxury. Designed with both chartering and family sailing in mind, this catamaran offers an exceptional balance of spaciousness and coziness. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or new to the world of yachting, the Lagoon 42 2020 will exceed your expectations with its impressive features and condition.  

Renowned for its superior blend of performance and luxury, this immaculate catamaran is now available for sale, offering top-tier specifications to ensure a comfortable and pleasurable sailing experience.

The Lagoon 42 2020 stands out for its exceptional balance of spaciousness and coziness. Designed with both chartering and family sailing in mind, it combines thoughtful design with state-of-the-art features, ensuring it exceeds expectations. This charter version catamaran is equipped with four cabins and four bathrooms, each featuring electric heads for added comfort and convenience.

The sails on this vessel include a Square Top Mainsail made from Dacron, complemented by a lazy bag and a graphite bag, making sail handling a breeze. Navigational electronics are top-of-the-line with a B&G Zeus 12″ GPS station, complete with European charts, ensuring you are well-prepared for any journey. Additional electronics include an AIS 500 B&G transmitter/receiver with a coupler, a B&G 4G radar, a forward-looking echo sounder, and a B&G V50 VHF. For entertainment, a television with an antenna has been installed in the saloon.

Engine performance is robust, thanks to the upgraded Yanmar 57 HP engines, which ensure reliable and efficient sailing. The entrance door to the saloon and the aft window feature curtains for privacy and light control. The saloon itself boasts Snow White PVC upholstery with comfortable seating, and the 2018 Comfort Configuration paired with the Navigation Pack B&G ensures you sail in style and ease. The T-Top Canvas Bimini with a steel structure and side cover offers protection from the elements, while dark grey exterior cushions enhance the aft cockpit’s ambiance.

Convenience is further highlighted by the inclusion of a cockpit refrigerator and a large teak cockpit table with a protective cover. Sunshade covers in graphite for the sides and aft of the cockpit, along with cockpit closure covers with windows, ensure you can adapt to various weather conditions comfortably.

 The vessel’s power needs are well-managed with enhanced batteries and a 12/220V – 2000 VA inverter, alongside an ONAN 11 kVA generator (220 V/50Hz) with a cocoon for quiet and efficient energy production. Freshwater supply is no concern with the HP 300 L/h watermaker, controllable from the salon, and USB outlets are available in each of the four cabins, catering to modern connectivity needs.

Additional convenience comes from electric toilet tanks specific to the four-cabin version and a powerful CRUISAIR 48000 BTU air conditioner (220V) that maintains a comfortable climate throughout. A 100-liter top-opening freezer provides ample storage for provisions. For accommodation flexibility, the port bow berth and the starboard bow berth come equipped with a marine WC, and there is also a double berth in the saloon.

Anchoring and safety features include a comprehensive kit with a Delta anchor (25 kg, 85 m chain D 12). Italian safety equipment ensures the vessel is well-prepared for up to ten persons within 50 nautical miles. Essential onboard utilities such as a flag with a teak pole, a gas bottle with a regulator, and a 25-meter 220V cable with an approved plug are all included to enhance the vessel’s readiness.

This Lagoon 42 2020 is truly in excellent condition, meticulously maintained and ready to set sail immediately. It effortlessly combines modern design with the reliability of advanced technology, making it the perfect vessel for chartering, cruising the Mediterranean, or embarking on personal adventures.

This is an incredible opportunity to own a Lagoon 42 2020. Contact us today to learn more about securing this beautiful catamaran, available from November 2024.

Boat Description

Specifications Lagoon 42 For Sale 2020


Catamaran Details:

  • Model: Lagoon 42
  • Year: 2020
  • Cabins: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4 with electric heads


  • Square Top Mainsail: Dacron
  • Lazy Bag: Includes a graphite bag for convenience

Electronics to Ensure Seamless Navigation:

  • B&G Zeus 12″ GPS: Positioned at the Command Station, includes European charts
  • AIS 500 B&G Transmitter/Receiver: With a coupler for enhanced safety and communication
  • B&G 4G Radar: Cutting-edge radar system
  • B&G Forward Looking Echo Sounder: For precise depth readings
  • B&G V50 VHF: Reliable communication across the seas
  • Television and Antenna: Located in the saloon for entertainment

Comfort and Convenience:

  • Yanmar 57 HP Engines: Upgraded for better performance
  • Curtains: Installed on the entrance door to the saloon and aft window
  • Saloon Upholstery: Snow White PVC with comfortable seating
  • 2018 Comfort Configuration: Paired with Navigation Pack B&G

Extra Features Lagoon 42 For sale 2020


Other Extras

  • T-Top Canvas Bimini: With a sturdy steel structure and side cover
  • Aft Cockpit Exterior Cushions: Stylish in dark grey
  • Cockpit Refrigerator: To keep your provisions fresh
  • Large Teak Cockpit Table: Complete with a protective cover
  • Sunshade Covers: For the sides and aft of the cockpit in graphite
  • Cockpit Closure Covers: Graphite covers with windows for added comfort
  • Enhanced Batteries and Inverter: 12/220V – 2000 VA for reliable power
  • ONAN 11 kVA Generator: 220 V/50Hz + cocoon for backup energy
  • HP 300 L/h Watermaker: 220V with controls in the salon for fresh water
  • USB Outlets: Available in all four cabins
  • Electric Toilet Tanks: Specific to the 4-cabin version
  • CRUISAIR Air Conditioner: 48000 BTU, 220V for all-round comfort
  • Top-opening Freezer: 100 liters capacity
  • Berths: Includes port and starboard bow berths with a marine WC, and a double berth in the saloon

Anchoring and Safety:

  • Anchoring Kit: Delta anchor 25 kg with 85 m chain D 12
  • Safety Equipment: Italian kit for 10 persons within 50 nautical miles
  • Flag with Teak Pole: For identification
  • Gas Bottle and Regulator: Essential for onboard cooking
  • 25 m 220V Cable and Plug: Ensuring power connectivity

Lagoon 42 For Sale 2020

History of Lagoon Catamarans

Lagoon Catamarans, renowned for their exceptional quality and innovative designs, have a rich history steeped in the evolution of modern seafaring. The journey of Lagoon Catamarans began in the early 1980s when Jeanneau Techniques Avancées, a French sailboat manufacturer, recognized the growing interest in multihull vessels. This led to the creation of the Lagoon brand under the Groupe Beneteau umbrella, marking the inception of a groundbreaking chapter in catamaran construction.

The first Lagoon catamaran, the Lagoon 55, was introduced in 1987, setting a new standard for cruising catamarans with its spacious layout and superior performance. This milestone marked the beginning of Lagoon’s commitment to crafting luxurious yet practical multihull vessels that catered to the demands of modern seafaring enthusiasts.

As the years progressed, Lagoon Catamarans continued to push boundaries in design and innovation. The 1990s witnessed the introduction of the Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 47 models, further solidifying the brand’s reputation for blending comfort with performance on the open seas. These catamarans attracted a discerning clientele seeking a harmonious balance between upscale living spaces and seaworthy capabilities.

The early 2000s saw Lagoon Catamarans surge in popularity globally as they garnered acclaim for their cutting-edge technology and seaworthiness. Models like the Lagoon 380 and Lagoon 440 became synonymous with reliability and comfort, appealing to both seasoned sailors and newcomers to the world of catamaran cruising.

In the following years, Lagoon Catamarans continued to refine their designs, incorporating feedback from owners and incorporating the latest advancements in marine engineering. The launch of the Lagoon 52 and Lagoon 450 exemplified the brand’s commitment to innovation, offering spacious interiors, sleek lines, and enhanced performance features.

Today, Lagoon Catamarans stand as a testament to decades of craftsmanship and dedication to excellence. With a diverse range of models catering to different preferences and sailing requirements, Lagoon remains at the forefront of the catamaran industry, setting the standard for luxury, comfort, and performance on the water.

From humble beginnings to international acclaim, the history of Lagoon Catamarans is a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy of innovation and passion for crafting exceptional vessels that redefine the art of modern seafaring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Is the Lagoon 42 suitable for both experienced sailors and those new to catamaran sailing?
Answer: Yes, the Lagoon 42 catamaran is versatile and well-suited for a range of sailors, from experienced seafarers to those new to catamaran sailing. Its stable design and user-friendly features make it accessible to sailors of varying skill levels.

Q2: What are the key features that contribute to the spacious and comfortable living spaces on the Lagoon 42?
Answer: The Lagoon 42 boasts spacious cabins, a well-equipped galley, a comfortable saloon area, and ample deck space for lounging and entertaining. Large windows and thoughtful layout design maximize natural light and create an open and airy atmosphere onboard.

Q3: How does the sailing performance of the Lagoon 42 compare to other catamarans in its class?
Answer: The Lagoon 42 is renowned for its excellent sailing performance, offering a perfect balance of stability, speed, and responsiveness. Its efficient hull design and rigging enable smooth sailing in various conditions, making it a top choice among catamarans in its class.

Q4: What options are available for customizing the Lagoon 42 to suit specific preferences or sailing requirements?
Answer: The Lagoon 42 offers various customization options to cater to individual preferences and sailing needs. Buyers can choose from different cabin layouts, interior finishes, navigation equipment upgrades, and additional features to personalize their catamaran to meet their specific requirements.

Q5: Can you provide information on the maintenance requirements and overall cost of ownership for the Lagoon 42 over time?
Answer: The maintenance requirements for the Lagoon 42 are generally straightforward and in line with typical catamaran upkeep. Costs can vary based on factors such as usage, regular maintenance schedules, upgrades, and storage. It is recommended to consult with a Lagoon dealer or marine expert for detailed information on maintenance and cost considerations specific to individual ownership scenarios.

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Lagoon 42 For Sale 2020

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