Ten Points to buy a boat


  1. Visit the boat
  2. Make an Offer
  3. Reserve the boat with a 10% deposit and a contract signed by all parties ( seller, buyer and broker) subject to the following conditions.
  • Survey by a qualified surveyor
  • Inspection of the boat out of the water to check that the boat was never,”grounded”,or involved in a collision, No trace of  Osmosis, rudder, keel and propeller are in good condition.
  • Sea trial, To make sure that the electronics, electrics and mechanics are in working order. Then checking on the rigging and sails.
  • Inspection in water of all other equipment, generator, washing machine etcetera.


    5. Any faults that show up during the various inspections have to be fixed in a reasonable delay by and at the expense of the seller.

    6. No money changes hands until the buyer and his expert are satisfied that all the work if any has been carried out satisfactorily. ( these faults refer to  structural in which case the buyer takes his 10% out of escrow or faults that affect the functionality of the boat, such as autopilot, joystick etcetera and not cosmetic things.

     7. If the seller chooses to pull out of the deal he has to compensate the buyer for any expenses incurred. 

     8. If the buyer changes his mind then he will lose his 10% deposit.


If you are happy with this procedure I will draw up a contract which embodies these points and you can have it looked at by your advisor before signing.

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