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Buy a Boat or or Sell your Boat in Porto Rotondo: we are yacht brokers Porto Rotondo, in the most North-Eastern part of Sardinia on the Costa Esmeralda and we sell boats all over the world. This brokerage in Galleria belongs to an established yet ever growing network of professional and experienced yacht brokers. Phone us for a free evaluation and estimate of your boat. Our brokers speak Italian, Spanish, German, English, French, Russian, and Arabic.

European Yacht Brokers Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo, Costa Smeralda, Northern Sardinia, Italy

+39 351 949 3538

International Calls: +34 722 18 68 84 (to speak: English, French, Spanish). Ask for German or Russian by WhatsApp or call us and we will forward your call to our Russian-speaking or German-speaking, as well as Arabic-speaking Yacht Brokers.

European Yacht Brokers Porto Rotondo


Province of Sassari

Northern Sardinia



  • 07028 Santa Teresa Gallura, Provinz Sassari, Italien
  • 07020 Palau, Provinz Sassari, Italien
  • 07021 Porto Cervo, Provinz Sassari, Italien
  • 07026 Porto Rotondo, Provinz Sassari, Italien

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Boat dealer Porto Rotondo

Yacht broker Porto Rotondo Sardinia


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Porto Rotondo Italy

Porto Rotondo is located in the region of Northern Sardinia and in the province of Sassari (07026), on the Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda). The area surrounding Porto Rotondo is actually divided into three parts: Punta Lada, Punta Volpe and Punta Nuraghe with at its heart the village of Piazzetta San Marco. Porto Rotondo is ideal for extended stays as well as shorter getaways with its stunning scenery along the coastline, its small port, as well as the local authenticity one may seek when looking for less known destinations with fewer tourists. Paradisiac beaches and stretching rolling landscapes make it a returning destination for the most expert boat owners. Alongside Porto Cervo this is considered a national gem with 100s of hectares spreading between the gulfs of Marinella and Cugnana. Porto Rotondo offers 800 moorings in a setting which resembles Venice as its structure was inspired by the Piazzetta San Marco of Venice, making it the trendiest, or most ”in” place amongst the Costa Smeralda connoisseurs. 

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