Event boat for sale, Floating restaurant for sale


Catamaran, Passenger ship

Longueur hors tout

37 m

Number of Passengers

388 or 250 for dining purposes


1,850,000 EURO, VAT not paid

Emplacement du bateau

Olbia, Sardinia, Italy

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Event boat for sale 2021, floating restaurant for sale, So today I am in Olbia, in northern Sardinia that is next to Olbia airport and we are taking on this Event boat for sale, a catamaran, 37-meter catamaran. It’s called Ottava Isla, this is the name that is given to the islands just off the north east coast. Such as Maddalena and other islands. This boat was used as a floating restaurant to go from Olbia around these islands with some success. The actual length of the hull is 33 metre and the width is 13 meters, so it’s quite wide. This Events boat was conceived either for a floating or a stationary restaurant it can be transported anywhere around the Mediterranean it would be ideal for say the Balearics or the Greek Islands. Up until now it’s potential is 388 passengers but in fact it’s used for 250 for dining purposes so that it is more of a restaurant. We have some clips on this video which were taken by clients for the facebook where you can see the actual restaurant in operation as was leaving the port. The engines are powerful engines it has 2 diesel engines Doosan the model MD 1961. The current rated power is 147 times 2 kilowatts but in fact it’s really been tuned down so the maximum power is 235 times three kilowatts. The propulsion is the standard two time four bladed solid propellers so it has not the difficult jet propellers which some people don’t like. The boat was designed by an Italian designer in 2014 and work started the end of that same year, the work was finished in 2018 and the boat was delivered in 2018. Since then it’s been been extensively used, so if you’ve got a project of either a stationary or a floating restaurant in the mediterranean this is ideal and uh it benefits from all the necessary certification. What’s good about this boat is it is bureau Veritas so there’s absolutely no problem, I have official the number of that. We have the this service notification that is a passenger ship and it can be used for up to six miles from the national shore. The length and the width you know and gross tonnage is 49 and the net tonnage is 33. The owner is open to propositions not so much on the value of the boat but we can provide finance for this boat and we can agree some kind of stage payment for anybody who wants to sort of “suck and see” as we say that needs to try the boat out on a sort of initially on a rental basis with an option to purchase. So really this event boat for sale is ready to go, if you’ve got a project and are looking for a floating restaurant for sale we can help you realise that project. So please phone us we’ve it’s the boat’s right next to our Olbia office you can phone either Sara or Pierrluigi. We speak all the languages including Russian, Arabic and the obviously the European languages so phone us up or send us an email and we will come straight back to you thank you you

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Specifications for the Event boat for sale, Floating restaurant for sale

Event boat for sale, Floating restaurant for sale

  • LOA: 37 m
  • Length of the hull: 33 m
  • Height of the hull: 2 m
  • Maximum draught (amidships): 0,85 m
  • Main engines: 2 x disel engines Doosan model MD196TI
  • Propulsion: 2 x 4-bladed solid propellers, tailshafts
  • Year of construction: 2018
  • Beam: 13 m
  • Max passengers: 388
  • Flag: Italian
  • Navigation notation: Special (within 6 miles from national shore)
  • Gross tonnage (Italian rules): tsl 49,00
  • Net tonnage (Italian rules): ten 33,32
  • Built: in Italy
  • Year Built: 2014-2018
  • Boat delivered in 2018
  • Current rated power: 147 x 2 kW
  • Maximum power: 235 x 3 kW

More about the hull and ship

  • Material: GRP
  • Shape: Catamaran
  • Decks: one continuous, two order of superstructures

Fire-fighting equipment

  • 2x fixed CO2 systems (one per E.R.),
  • 4 fire pumps (two driven by MM.EE.,
  • two independent diesel motor-pumps),
  • portable fire extinguishers (CO2, dry powder),
  • automatic fire detection system,
  • manually operated call points

GMDSS apparatuses

  • GPS
  • AIS

Life-saving appliances

  • Inflatable liferafts,
  • lifebuoys,
  • lifejackets,
  • rescue boat

Electrical arrangement

  • 24V DC: 2 alternators driven by MM.EE.,
  • battery sets,
  • 230/380V AC: No. 3 diesel-generators (50 kVA, 25 kVA e 10 kVA ? 50 Hz)
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