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Turkish Gulet for sale 22 metres 1996
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Turkish Gulet For sale 22 metres 1996 | The Ultimate guide

"Sailing in Style: 1996 Turkish Gulet for Sale - 22m of Timeless Elegance"

“Step into a world where opulence meets the open seas with a glimpse into the captivating realm of Turkish gulets. This Turkish Gulet for Sale, is renowned for her exquisite craftsmanship and storied heritage, offer a journey like no other. Join us as we unravel the allure of Turkish gulets—a fusion of elegance and adventure that promises an unparalleled experience. Explore the essence of refined luxury, style, and exclusivity aboard these floating marvels, each a symbol of prestige and timeless beauty. Embark on a voyage where every wave whispers tales of grandeur and every sail unfurls a new chapter of splendor. Discover the enchanting world of Turkish gulets and seize the moment to embrace a lifestyle defined by sophistication and maritime grandeur.”

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Turkish Gulet For sale 22 metres 1996 | The Ultimate guide

Deluxe Gulet with Flybridge

This boat has undergone a complete refit in 2024 and is now ready to start a new life of luxury cruising. If you’re in the market for a luxurious and classic yacht, then look no further than this beautiful 22-meter gulet. The “Gulet 22 M for sale 1997” offers a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern conveniences, promising an unforgettable sailing experience. This vessel is in excellent condition thanks to a thorough and meticulous total refit carried out in 2022. Her exceptional condition and upgrades mean she’s ready to sail immediately, making her a fantastic investment for any maritime enthusiast.

Crafted in 1997, this gulet’s hull is made from rich mahogany wood, exuding elegance and timeless beauty that only improves with age. The chrome rigging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also strong and durable, providing an excellent framework for safe sailing. This gulet has been meticulously maintained and is ready to offer her new owner countless adventures on the water.

The “Gulet 22 M for sale 1997” is equipped with outstanding features that enhance comfort, safety, and functionality. Among the many improvements made during the 2022 refit are the installation of a new Kohler 11 KW generator, a complete air conditioning system, and heating for cooler climates. Modern electric winches have been installed for ease of sail handling. With a liferaft capable of accommodating 12 people, safety at sea is also ensured.


One of the highlights of this gulet is her spacious interior layout. She offers a total of four luxurious cabins: one master cabin and three double cabins, providing ample space for hosting family and friends. Additionally, there is a crew cabin and a separate captain’s cabin, ensuring privacy and comfort for both guests and crew. The spacious saloon is perfect for socializing or relaxing, with plenty of room to entertain guests or simply enjoy a quiet evening aboard.

In terms of amenities, this gulet leaves nothing to be desired. The vessel is equipped with an inverter for seamless power management, a radar for safe navigation, and a gangway for easy boarding and disembarkation. For added convenience, you’ll find both a washing machine and a dishwasher onboard, ensuring you have all the comforts of home while at sea.

Boat Description

 Specification Turkish Gulet 1996:


1997 MTU 6R183 (Engine 1) Type: Inboard

Propeller Type:4 Blade

Propeller Type: 4 Blade

Fuel Type: Power:

Diesel 190 hp

1997 MTU 6R183 (Engine 2)

Type: Fuel Type: Power:


LOA: Beam: Max Draft:


Dry Weight: Displacement:

Inboard Diesel 190 hp

21 m 75 cm 5 m 95 cm 2 m 50 cm

32,000 kg 65,000 kg

8 kn 12 kn

1,800 l 2,200 l 2,200 l


Cruising Speed: Max Speed:


Fresh Water: Holding:


4 4


Guest Cabins: Guest Heads:


Flag Of Registry:


– Bimini Top


extras features for Turkish  Gulet  1996:


Electrical Equipment

– Shore Power Inlet
– Generator: 11 KW Kohler – Inverter


– Radar
– Navigation Center – Radio
– Compass
– Cockpit Speakers – VHF

Inside Equipment

– Dishwasher
– Washing Machine
– Electric Bilge Pump – Oven
– Manual Bilge Pump – Microwave Oven
– Air Conditioning

Outside Equipment/Extras

– Cockpit Shower – Gangway
– Davit(s)
– Radar Reflector – Liferaft

– Cockpit Table
– Swimming Ladder


– Steering Wheel – Electric Winch


– Fully Battened Mainsail – Furling Mainsail
– Furling Genoa

– Electric Head – Heating
– Hot Water
– Refrigerator

– Deep Freezer
– Sea Water Pump – Battery Charger


Turkish Gulet 1996 For sale

History of Turkish Gulets

 Historically, gulets draw their lineage from ancient Mediterranean seafaring practices, influenced by Turkish, Greek, and Italian design elements. These boats were originally handcrafted using local timber with durable carvel construction techniques, ensuring their robustness and reliability at sea.

In contemporary times, gulets merge historical craftsmanship with modern amenities and technologies, making them highly sought after in the boating and tourism industries. Their most prominent commercial use is in tourism, particularly for Blue Cruises along the scenic Turkish Riviera. These cruises offer bespoke and opulent sailing experiences, contributing significantly to Turkey’s tourism sector.

Gulets are also popular for private charters, providing exclusive, customizable voyages for families, groups, and corporate outings. Their picturesque appeal makes them ideal for photography and film shoots, offering stunning backdrops that enhance visual projects. Moreover, their intimate and unique settings make gulets perfect venues for weddings and special events, adding a charming touch to celebrations.

Looking ahead, the future of gulets appears promising, with ongoing evolution expected. They are likely to incorporate sustainable technologies to meet modern environmental standards, while still preserving their traditional construction techniques and cultural heritage. This blend of old-world charm and contemporary innovation positions gulets as timeless vessels that continue to captivate and serve diverse commercial purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a Turkish gulet?
A Turkish gulet is a traditional wooden sailing vessel originally used for fishing and trading, now primarily used for tourism and leisure cruises.

Q2: Where can I sail on a Turkish gulet?
Popular sailing destinations include Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Gocek along the Turkish Riviera.

Q3: What amenities are available on modern gulets?
Modern gulets offer air-conditioned cabins, en-suite bathrooms, state-of-the-art kitchens, and entertainment systems.

Q4: How have Turkish gulets impacted the local economy?
The gulet industry boosts local economies through job creation in construction, maintenance, and tourism services.

Q5: What sustainable practices are being implemented in gulet construction?
Builders are increasingly using eco-friendly materials and adding green technologies like solar panels.

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Turkish Gulet For sale 22 metres 1996

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