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Embarking on a yacht charter in Sardinia promises an unparalleled exploration of crystal-clear waters and mesmerizing landscapes. While planning your journey, valuable resources such as Sardegna Turismo provide extensive insights into Sardinia’s enchanting destinations, ensuring you make the most of your maritime adventure. For nautical charts and sailing routes, Navionics offers detailed digital maps to navigate Sardinian waters like a seasoned mariner. Weather is a crucial factor for any yacht charter; Windy delivers accurate, up-to-date marine weather forecasts to help plan your voyage safely and enjoyably. Lastly, to connect with fellow yachting enthusiasts and share experiences or seek advice, the Cruisers Forum is a vibrant community for sailors and charter guests. These resources equip you with the knowledge and tools for a memorable foray into Sardinia’s yachting paradise, enhancing your adventure beyond the ordinary.





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Boomerang Yacht Charter Sardinia

Boomerang Yacht Charter Sardinia

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Travel Arrangements to reach your Yacht Charter Sardinia Holiday

Reaching the office of Boomerang Yacht Charter Sardinia in Olbia and the yacht basin in Portisco for a sublime Sardinian sailing adventure is an experience streamlined by excellent international and national travel infrastructure.

For international travelers, the primary gateway to Olbia and subsequently, Portisco, is through the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. Situated just a few kilometers from Olbia, this airport welcomes flights from major European cities and offers connections to wider international destinations. Upon arrival, one of the simplest ways to reach the Boomerang Yacht Charter office or the Portisco Marina is by renting a car from one of the various agencies available right at the airport. This option provides the flexibility to explore the region at your own pace.

Alternatively, for those who prefer public transport, there’s a reliable bus service connecting the airport with Olbia city center, from which Portisco can be easily reached by local buses or taxis. Olbia itself is also well-connected by train with other major Italian cities, making travel within Italy convenient for those who might be coming from afar. Trenitalia’s website offers detailed schedules and ticket purchasing options for trains to Olbia.

For sailors and visitors coming from within Italy or neighboring European countries, taking a ferry to Olbia can be a scenic and enjoyable alternative. The Olbia port has regular ferry services from mainland Italy, with line services from destinations like Genoa, Livorno, or Civitavecchia. You can check schedules and book tickets through Moby Lines or other ferry service websites.

Once in Olbia, the journey to the office of Boomerang Yacht Charter and then to the enchanting Portisco marina, nestled in the emerald embrace of the Costa Smeralda, is just a short drive away, with both locations promising the start of an unforgettable Sardinian yacht charter experience.

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Nearby Destinations for your Yacht Charter Sardinia Holiday

Embarking on a yacht charter along the Costa Smeralda offers an unrivaled experience that combines luxury, adventure, and the natural beauty of one of the Mediterranean’s most stunning landscapes. This stretch of Sardinia’s northeastern coast is famed for its crystal-clear waters, captivating coves, and vibrant marine life, making it a paradise for sailors, divers, and sun-seekers alike.

The experience of sailing here is enhanced by the presence of world-class Marina di Porto Cervo, where luxury meets the serenity of the sea. This marina not only provides exceptional berthing facilities but also offers a gateway to explore the dazzling surroundings that have made Costa Smeralda a synonym for yachting splendor. Further along the coast, Marina di Portisco, nestled in a picturesque bay, is perfect for those looking for a tranquil anchorage amidst nature’s marvels. Meanwhile, Marina di Olbia serves as a strategic starting point for sailors wishing to venture into the heart of the Emerald Coast and beyond, offering top-notch services and facilities.

A yacht charter on the Costa Smeralda is more than just a holiday; it’s an exploration of secluded beaches, a taste of Italian luxury, and making memories in the Mediterranean’s enchanting waters.

Portisco Yacht Basin

Porto Rotondo

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What types of yachts are available for charter


– We offer a wide range of yachts to suit various needs and preferences, including sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans, and luxury superyachts. Each type offers a unique experience, from the thrill of sailing to the comfort and elegance of a motor yacht. For details on our fleet, please visit our website or contact us directly.


Do I need sailing experience to charter a yacht?

– Sailing experience is required for a bareboat charter, where you will captain the yacht yourself. However, we also offer skippered and fully crewed charters that do not require guests to have any sailing experience. Our professional crews are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all onboard.


What is included in the charter fee?

– Generally, the charter fee includes the rental of the yacht and its equipment, crew services for crewed charters, and insurance. Additional costs may include fuel, marina fees, food and beverage expenses, and any specific requests or activities you’d like to include. We recommend discussing these details upfront to ensure a clear understanding of the total cost.


Can we customize our itinerary?

What safety measures are in place on the yacht?**
– Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. All our yachts are equipped with the necessary safety equipment, including life jackets, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. Our crew members are also trained in emergency procedures to ensure a safe and secure experience throughout your journey.

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