How to become a yacht broker or sell more boats

How to become a yacht broker with European Yacht brokers

         We are an international network of Yacht brokers that provide assistance and marketing opportunities to existing yacht brokers or professionals from the nautical industry.

         We advertise on all major boat platforms and have a strong positioning on the Internet both at local and national level. We consider ourselves experts in digital and traditional marketing. We are of particular interest to any brokers who deal mainly with their domestic markets and miss out on international opportunities. 

  95% of our transactions are made between sellers and buyers of different nationalities.

          We also have our own CRM customer relation management system which makes dealing with sales leads and funnels both simple and effective. If you are a broker who loses alot of time in marketing and customer care we can be of interest to you.

          We have our own legal and administrative department that handles listing agreements, sales contracts, flag deletion and registration. We organise haul outs surveys and eventual repairs. If you want to know how to become a yacht broker or at least a more successful one, read on.

This is made possible by the fact we speak eight languages fluently which gives the confidence necessary to conduct international business. 

         The cost of joining our association is free, we only ask for a percentage of the commission on your boats that we sell.

      If you are interested in joining the European Yacht Brokers  cooperative please contact 

   Sara or Peter

How to become a yacht broker and sell boats internationally

How to become a yacht broker with European Yacht Brokers and sell a lot more boats

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