Motor Yacht Brabus 900 Deep Blue For Sale

Motor Yacht Brabus 900 Deep Blue For Sale

The Motor Yacht Brabus 900 Deep Blue for sale, gearing up to make waves in the yachting domain , embodies the zenith of opulence, adept engineering, and high-octane performance. Forged by Brabus, a marque celebrated for its unparalleled Mercedes-Benz modifications, this yacht ensures a seamless transition of vehicular excellence onto the high seas. The Brabus 900 Deep Blue, synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship and an eye for aesthetic magnificence, is poised to surpass the anticipations of the most particular yacht aficionados.

Core to this yacht’s appeal is its impressive engineering feat; powered by twin engines of formidable capacity, the Brabus 900 Deep Blue offers exhilarating speeds that distinguish it in the luxury motor yacht echelon. Its meticulous design is mirrored in every facet, from its streamlined, aerodynamic profile to the advanced technological integrations within its opulent interiors.

Stepping inside, the Brabus 900 Deep Blue’s interior showcases luxury at its zenith, with custom finishes adaptable to the owner’s taste. Luxurious leather, refined woodwork, and state-of-the-art entertainment setups encapsulate the yacht’s commitment to excellence and comfort.

Beyond mere aesthetics and power, the Brabus 900 Deep Blue excels in practicality, offering expansive decks ideal for leisure under the sun, outdoor dining, or sophisticated social gatherings. With smart storage solutions, the yacht ensures effortless voyages, accommodating all aquatic leisure accessories with ease.

For connoisseurs seeking a vessel that harmonizes sheer performance with grandiosity, the Brabus 900 Deep Blue, signifies a unique acquisition. It melds velocity with style and grandeur, marking it as a coveted gem in any yacht ensemble, and promises transcendent marine adventures. Interested parties can explore similar craftsmanship and innovation in vessels by visiting Axopar for additional inspiration on avant-garde yachting solutions.

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Beam3,35 m / 11ft
Draft to drops0,85 m / 2ft 9in
Weight4500 kg / 9920 lbs
Outboard engines2*450hp
Top Speed102+ km/h / 55+ knots
Power662 kW / 900 hp
Length38 ft / 11,73 m
Passengers10 Cat B / 12 Cat C
Berths2 persons
ClassificationB – Offshore, C – Costal
Hull designTwin stepped 20° V “Sharp entry hull”

Continuing the esteemed tradition of the BRABUS Shadow 900 series, the Signature Edition stands out with its array of high-end attributes and design elements. Featuring the distinctive Deep Blue color, achieved through meticulous and labor-intensive processes that include fairing, painting, and polishing, this edition redefines luxury. It offers versatility in customization, allowing owners to tailor their experience. Options include an open aft configuration for those who love the open sea, a comprehensive wetbar setup for entertaining, a multi-storage option perfect for carrying adventure and outdoor gear, or an opulent aft cabin that boasts ‘queen size’ sleeping quarters for unparalleled comfort. Each feature is carefully designed to enhance the onboard experience, marrying innovation with the unmistakable legacy of BRABUS.

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