Comprehensive Nautical Services for your Boat

available through our brokerage partnerships and professional insight

Quality Nautical Services are key for your boat’s lifespan, reliability and your experience at sea. We work in close cooperation to ensure that all nautical service providers are listed and of easy access to our clients looking to buy or sell a boat with us.

Bespoke nautical services include boats for sale, sailing boats for sale, yachts for sale, super yachts for sale, luxury yachts for sale, yachts maintenance, berths available, boat surveyors, boat insurance, yacht refit, super yacht refit, and boat cleaning.

So whether you are looking for an electrical repair, a motor repair, painting, antifouling, haul out or other any other marine service, the shipyard services offered through our network of collaborators are not only professional but also competitively priced. Need a quote? Don’t know where to start? Let us guide you!

Nautical Services


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Boats for Sale

We offer a broad selection of motorboats and sailboats, both new and used. They are for sale across France, Spain and Italy but also across a selection of ports worldwide. Read more…

Sailing Boats for Sale

From three-mast steel sail cruisers to a sailing yacht to circumnavigate the globe, our directory comprises boat listings categorised by length, manufacturer, model and price. Read more…

Yachts for Sale

When looking to buy a yacht the myriad of yachts for sale may seem daunting at first. Let us help you find the exact boat to purchase by identifying the right type of boat… Read more…

Super Yachts for Sale

When selecting super yachts for sale advanced technical insight may be required. Our professional yacht brokers will help you select the right super yachts for sale and guide you… Read more…

Luxury Yachts for Sale

As part of our marine solutions we also help you find, negotiate, and survey luxury yachts for sale. Looking for an exclusive offer for a quality luxury yacht? We are your go-to yacht brokerage. Read more…

Go to Luxury Yachts for Sale

Yacht Maintenance

When looking at yachts maintenance you will need to know the cost and the services, whether technical or aesthetic, required for your vessel. Read more…

Berths available

By using a trusted network of brokers you will have access to the list of all the Berths available in the marinas they operate in. Whether you are looking for a berth for a houseboat, or a place to spend the summer… Read more…

Boat Surveyors

Finding and hiring boat surveyors in your area can be done by location. You will see there is a list of local surveyors that are certified and can conduct a survey on the boat you are looking to sell or buy. Read more…

Boat insurance

What are the basics of boat insurance? How to choose the right boat insurance company? As a boat owner you need to choose the right coverage for your boat based on the use that you plan on making of it. Read more…

Yacht Registration

When buying a boat where and how you register your yacht is a crucial step and represents an important investment. How do you register a yacht? How much does a yacht registration cost? What are the different types of yacht registration? Read more…

Super Yacht Refit

Generally after a change of ownership super yacht refit quote requests are made. It’s only normal; you want the super yacht to feel like it is 100% yours whether that be through cosmetic changes or mechanical alternations or upgrades. Read more…

Boat Cleaning

Despite time limitations of your own and entrusting the task to professional boat cleaning services, having an idea of what products to use, what equipment to invest in… Read more…

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