Ремонт супер-яхты

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Generally after a change of ownership super yacht refit quote requests are made. It’s only normal; you want the super yacht to feel like it is 100% yours whether that be through cosmetic changes or mechanical alternations or upgrades.

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Ремонт супер-яхты

So what is a Super Yacht refit and how much can it cost? Refitting can include renovation, restoring and repairing of your vessel. When considering a yacht refit you will be looking at replacing, adding, modifying or customising, modernising, or restoring elements of your systems, technology, or equipment.

Boat renovation will require expert guidance whether it be for full repainting jobs, hull maintenance, engineering work, electronic equipment upgrades, or other elaborate customisation projects. Need to fix cracked fibreglass, replace rusty components, refresh a shabby-looking cabin, replace torn or old upholstery? Visual inspections can reveal a list of subjective or not so pressing repairs but an expert survey will indicate what needs to be done now for the reliability and value of your boat.

  • Ремонт супер-яхты 
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