Европейские яхтенные брокеры в Барселоне

Club Nautic Garraf

Мы Европейские яхтенные брокеры в Барселоне with our office located within the Port of Garraf or Marina of Garraf. You can find us in the entrance of the marina. We are the only yacht brokers in this marina but are part of a larger European network. We can find a boat for you and have it delivered to Garraf or anywhere on the Costa Brava. We remain at your disposal for administrative procedures (certificates of conformity, taxes, navigation permits, property certificates, etc.) knowing how to quickly compile the necessary papers.

Experts in nautical services, we have extensive experience in the sale of boats of all types. Our company takes care of the process of selling your boat. The objective as yacht brokers Garraf Marina is very clear: to close the sale of your boat at the best price and within the most reasonable time period, successfully. By making your boat known to a wide audience of interested parties, an agreement can also be reached on a range of other services. In addition, by operating on your behalf for inspections, sea trials and even negotiation, our goal is to achieve a satisfactory agreement between a buyer and you.

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Sales Department

European Yacht Brokers, Sales Department

Club Nàutic Garraf, Barcelona

International Calls: +34 722 18 68 84

(to speak: English, French, Italian). Ask for German or Russian by WhatsApp or call us and we will forward your call to our Russian-speaking or German-speaking broker.

European Yacht Brokers Costa Brava, Club Nàutic Garraf, Barcelona

Escullera de Ponent, s/n,




Коста Брава

Service areas by this yacht brokerage

  • Catalonia coastal region
  • The Costa Brava
  • Northeastern Spain
  • County of Alt Empordà
  • County of Baix Empordà
  • County of Selva
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • from the French border at Port-you marina to the Spanish beach resort of Blanes
  • Coast of Girona province
  • Coast of Barcelona province

Yacht Brokers Club Nàutic Garraf, Barcelona. We buy and sell boats from the Port Garraf, Barcelona.
  • у нас есть широкий выбор парусных лодок на продажу
  • Мы опытные консультанты и подберем для вас лучшую лодку.
  • мы говорим на английском, немецком, французском, итальянском, русском, испанском и каталонском языках.
  • У нас более 500 лодок на продажу в Средиземном море.
  • Мы поможем вам найти хорошего геодезиста, говорящего на вашем языке
  • Мы предлагаем несколько вариантов регистрации флага
  • Мы работаем с профессиональными морскими службами
  • У нас отличные сделки с международными страховыми компаниями.
  • we can get you a free valuation of your boat. We work on the principle, no sale, no fees. We are Лодочные брокеры Коста Брава; we are there every step of the way.

COSTA BRAVA Boat dealer

Yacht broker in Club Nàutic Garraf, Barcelona

Часы работы

Воскресенье: 24/7
понедельник: 24/7
вторник: 24/7
среда: 24/7
четверг: 24/7
Пятница: 24/7
Суббота: 24/7

Costa Brava Spain

Мы Яхтенные брокеры Коста Брава Испания и мы специализируемся на продаже подержанные лодки в Средиземном море. We have affiliate yacht brokerages all along the coastline of Barcelona province, the Costa Brava including the counties of Alt Empordà, of Baix Empordà, and of Selva. Our  office is situated in the Club Náutic Garraf.

By entrusting your boat to our brokers we will not only help you determine the price at which to sell your boat, but also compile all of its data and photos to then create a concise and impactful listing. Our agency, European Yacht Brokers, with its vast experience will also take care of responding to all requests and offers that will come through thereafter. We will be your point of contact for all e-mails, phone calls, but also customer reception for scheduled boat viewings. The nearest town is Барселона.


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