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We are European Yacht Brokers Italy with offices located in Sardinia, Olbia, Cannigione and Porto Rotondo. Our brokers are generally located within the ports or marinas and are all are part of a larger European network of Yacht Brokers.

Please get in touch and we can find a boat for you in Italy or more specifically in Sardinia and have it delivered to you anywhere on the Italian coast or the world. Our brokerage provides professional guidance and services to support you through all administrative procedures related to the purchase or sale of your boat. These include certificates of conformity, taxes, navigation permits, property certificates, and more. Our ability to put together or locate the necessary papers is also key.

Amongst our team are experts in nautical services, related to the sale of boats of all types, whether sailing boats, motor yachts,  catamarans, motor catamarans, commercial vessels, super yachts and more. Our brokerage network takes care of the process of selling your boat or buying a boat. Our goal as yacht brokers Italy is to close the sale of your boat at the best price and within the most reasonable time period, successfully. By marketing your boat to a the widest audience of potential interested parties, an agreement can also be reached on a range of other nautical and administrative services. Furthermore, by operating on your behalf for inspections, sea trials and even negotiation, our main objective is to achieve a satisfactory agreement between a buyer and you, or a seller and you.

European Yacht Brokers, Italy Sales Department

Sardinia, Olbia, Cannigione and Porto Rotondo


English: +34 722 18 68 84
Spanish: +34 722 63 66 22
Italian: +39 351 949 3538
French: +33 6 09 99 26 57 (WhatsApp)

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We sell super yacht brokers Italy and in the Mediterranean

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EYB Lavagna Italy

Yacht Brokers Olbia Sardinia

Office located in the heart of the Olbia. You can find us in the marina.

Yacht Brokers Porto Rotondo Sardinia

Office located in the heart of Port Rotondo. You can find us in the marina. On the Costa Esmeralda in Northern Sardinia we are part of a larger European network and we can find you a boat and deliver it to Sardinia or anywhere in the world.

We are always available to talk

Yacht Brokers to turn buying and selling into plain sailing in Italy

The Search begins

Finding your dream boat is not a simple task. Finding someone to buy your boat isn't either. Tell us what it is you are interested in, what you are not interested in, what your budget is and general requirements, and we will take the stress out of selling or buying your boat!

Cultural Ambassadors

Somewhere, someone on our team will be able to help you the language of your choice. We speak English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian. We don't want anything to get lost in translation and want to support you throughout the buying and selling process.

Marketing Exposure

Our listings are updated daily and new listings are added weekly. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for a quick and exclusive sneak peak before the listing goes live.


We have agents for european yacht brokers right across the Italian peninsula, a veritable paradise for leisure cruising.

Benefit from a unique partnership with our international team of Brokers in Italy and across Europe

At European Yacht Brokers Italy we work hard to facilitate the sale of the boats we list, while protecting and promoting your interests. Our proactive marketing of your boat reaches a broad and global audience of potential buyers. We also help to ensure negotiations proceed smoothly through the many potential pitfalls of selling a boat. Our extensive knowledge in boats and vast network of specialists, experts and collaborators in every single field of boating allows us to help you every single step of the way, from looking for a boat, to registering the flag, to getting insurance and to taking her out on her maiden voyage.

Our sales personnel are highly experienced and qualified in all aspects of Boat Brokering. We make the experience of buying or selling a boat as effortless as possible. This is what makes European Yacht Brokers such highly a successful International Brokerage company with established bases all over the Mediterranean.

How we work as European Brokers

Everything you need with our Yacht Brokerage


First Contact

Ask us for a free valuation of your boat or instruct us to find you a boat.


Discussion & Planning

We garner all your specifications, photos, and any other requirements you may have, to find the perfect match.


Online Strategy

We sell on all international platforms in seven languages and through video remarketing.



We take the stress out of buying and selling a boat. We are your intermediary between prospects and/or owners.


Technical Guidance

From surveys and repairs to flag registration we can arrange everything or simply guide you through the processes.



We work on reasonable commission rates. We only charge on the sale of the boat

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